Product Description

This teaching exposes the error in much of what is taught about diet and health and compares is to what is found in the Bible.

Some of the topics include: * Can food be addictive * Are diets evil? * What should we be eating? * What about salt, sugar and fat? * Could all food issues be 100% spiritual? * What does the Word say about food, diets, temperance and gluttony? * Is your physical body lining up with your own destructive words? * Could fear and self hatred be causing someone to gain weight?

This teaching comes out of 25 years of eating disorders and then “managed” eating – in spite of all her training. In 1999 Mary Pat came to Be In Health and was totally set free of all food related issues. She has been walking this out in victory with a grateful heart. Now she has a heart to share with others who struggle with food.