Product Description

Do you ever have difficulty concentrating when you read your Bible? Do you ever have difficulty praying? Do you have difficulty paying attention in church? Does your mind wander? When you read your Bible, do you question if you even believe it?

These things are evidences of Occultism working in you.

Occultism has become an acceptable mentality around the world – and in the church. There’s been a problem in the church throughout its history and the problem continues. Unfortunately the church has seldom addressed the problem. Generally the church does not realize there is a problem. If you do not recognize a problem, you will not correct it.

The problem is Occultism lurks within the church.

Occultism is a counterfeit. It always presents itself as the real thing but it is not. Knowing the truth and discernment are necessary to recognize it. Many people are not able to receive total healing until Occultism has been broken in their life.

Occultism is a multifaceted problem so this book serves as an introduction to Occultism equipping you to begin to recognize if it is working in your life.